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Tips to maximize your cruise experience
Cruises are a great opportunity to get away from the day to day routine, with new scenery, people and activities. To maximize your cruise experience it is recommended to plan ahead and follow a few simple recommendations.
Type and location of your room.
There are different types of cabins on the cruiseship. During the booking process you will see all of the available options, such as Suite, Balcony, Oceanview, Inside and others. In many cases the price differences are small and it’s worth taking an upgraded cabin. Remember that normally all of the cabins are very comfortable, so if you have a limited travel budget and want to save, you will still enjoy the trip. If your budget is less limited, go for a centrally located room - a cabin located in the middle of the cruise ship.
Most cabins have phones with direct dial/access abroad. In many cases the prices are high and it’s worth waiting to call from land if it’s not urgent.
Choose the best type of cruise for you.
There are many types of cruises so you can be sure to find the cruise that is best suited for you. Some will prefer adult-only cruises while others will opt for family cruises. Keep in mind that many cruise ships have different areas, such as adult-only areas, which may make it easier for you to find the place and company that are right for you. Keep in mind that many cruiseships have different areas, such as adults-only areas, which may make it easier for you to find the place and company that are right for you.
Knowledge is power (and fun).
Read in advance about where the cruise ship will dock. You can plan ahead for your visit there or perhaps you prefer not to tour and enjoy the ship’s facilities instead. You can get the information about the destinations from the cruiseline but also by searching and reading on the internet.
As with any type of travel, make sure you have the necessary insurance to cover you during the trip. Proper travel insurance should cover you in different cases such as lost baggage, cancellation and medical needs. Insurance programs are offered by insurance companies and also by cruise operators. Some extended insurance programs allow you to cancel your trip without paying the cancellation fees. The terms are different but it’s highly recommended to have insurance with at least basic coverage.
Visas and Documents.
Make sure you have suitable visas in case you are going to countries that require one. Usually the cruise operator will inform you in such cases but we recommend you ask about this issue in case of doubt. The cruiseline operator will usually give you the information about the documents you will need on the cruise. If not, ask in advance so you can arrange everything before the trip.
Last thing.
Enjoy! Cruises give you so many options for entertainment. All you have to do is choose the right cruise for you and the activities you like to do best during the cruise.
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