Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto

Traveling to Japan- Not As Expensive As You May Think…

Many tourists have the misconception that Japan is an expensive country to travel to. Since they think this, they may completely wipe it off of their to-do list. Japan is actually a relatively inexpensive country to travel to and any tourist with a budget will be able to see and do everything they want. Carefully planning out your trip and knowing how to budget will help you enjoy a great excursion without busting your pocketbook.


Traveling to Japan may have you worried due to the price of airline tickets. The air fare is going to fluctuate throughout different seasons and will be higher one month than another month. It is important to remember to always make sure you keep these tips in mind when picking your flight to maximize savings.

>   Always fly outside of the peak season. This will help save you a lot of money since tickets will be expensive during peak season.

>   Use a different company and not a huge name brand one. All airplane companies must adhere to certain standards and regulations so you do not need to worry about not flying brand name. You will save quite a bit picking a smaller company.

>   Always search and explore the different costs and times or travel. You should get quotes from multiple vendors and also for multiple travel time frames. This will allow you to receive the best rates.


Local Transportation

While you are in Japan, utilize public transportation. This will save you a lot of money since taxis and renting vehicles can be expensive. Consider buying a bus pass if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing. This will save you money since bus passes typically offer deals when you purchase them. You can also consider renting bicycles, scooters, and any other form of transportation that is not expensive on the wallet but will allow you to get around.


Lodging is probably one of the most important things you need to make sure you line up in advance to traveling somewhere. You need to make sure that you know where you will be staying and you want to have a place to stay. If you are on a budget and want to save money, consider these tips for finding somewhere to stay.

>   Don’t stay in a huge, fancy hotel. Just because you are traveling does not mean you need to stay somewhere luxurious. You can find many great deals at little mom and pop owned bed and breakfasts and also small inns.

>   Avoid peak season. Just like when you pick your air travel, you want to avoid peak seasons because hotel owners will typically raise their prices.

>   Always compare rates. You can get some great quotes online and also compare the prices of places around. Weigh the pros and cons of each place and then pick the one that is the best choice for you.

>   Avoid staying in hot spots. If you stay right on a famous street or in the heart of the city, you will pay more. Consider a more quaint location that is serene and away from the city life.

>   Lastly, look for deals. You can find hotels and bed and breakfast joints that will offer a free night or a discounted rate if you stay for a certain amount of time.


Eating is a necessity and it is important that you make sure you don’t blow your budget on food. While dining out is fun and one of the whole experiences of traveling, you can enjoy some great eats on a budget.

>   Family restaurants are a great option for eating. You can enjoy fresh, homemade dishes for half the price as a fancy restaurant.

>    Fas food, while it might not be your favorite, is available and you can enjoy Japanese cuisine as well as many other favorites.

>   Always try to find cute, little joints to eat at. This will help save you money as you tour Japan. Try eating in one night and cooking yourself a meal. It will save you a few bucks and you can use this somewhere else.

>   Always utilize and take advantage of any free offers that you receive for eating. Many hotels that you stay at will offer free breakfast, snacks, or maybe even dinner vouchers. Take advantage of this as it will save you some cash.

Fish breakfast in Hakodate
Japanese fish breakfast in Hakodate
Photo by Ari Helminen



What would be a vacation without any sightseeing? Don’t miss out on some of the best places that Japan has to offer. Follow these tips for exploring and having a great day on a budget.

>   Check out all of the free tourist stops. These spots are free and won’t cost you anything. No harm done there.

>   Always research how much something is going to be and fit it into your budget if you want to go.

>   Check out the local gardens, museums, and other hot spots that cost a little but not too much. This makes for a great day and you won’t spend too much money.

>   If you do go sightseeing, save some extra money by packing your own lunch or avoid purchasing souvenirs.


Traveling to Japan is not as expensive as you may think and you can easily enjoy a trip on a budget. The most important thing to remember is that you are wise with your choices and you avoid unnecessary things that you do not need.  As long as you are flexible you will be able to enjoy Japan on a budget without spending all of your savings.


Header image by syvwlch